SitstandCOACH enables employees to get the most from your organisations investment in sit stand desks. SitStandCOACH is proven to help employees avoid mental and physical fatigue that would otherwise lead to a drop off in their efficiency.

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How it works

SitStandCOACH monitors employee computer use and informs the user when a change in position is required. SitStandCOACH allows employees to fully concentrate on work activities without the distraction of potentially missing a necessary postural change. Read more

Efficiency gains

Studies show that using a sit stand desk leads to an increase of 10% in employee productivity. Through the variation in posture, employees also avoid discomfort. It is very important that a sit-stand desk is used properly in order to realise the positive effects. Read more

Health benefits

From a health perspective it is therefore even more important that employees receive the correct advice and coaching in the correct use of their sit stand desks. Improper use will not only negate the positive effect but can actually increase discomfort. Read more